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Zhucheng jinde creat JinDun crucible brand

Release time: 2016-11-16 | From:Zhucheng Jinde Refractory Co.,Ltd |  Read 1628 times
Recently, Refractory leading  providers - zhucheng jin DE refractories co., LTD, the formal release to the market its new crucible brands - JinDun. Future, the company has the opportunity to sell high quality crucible products to the national market.

The company specialised in continuous casting with aluminum, aluminum zirconium carbon carbon refractory materials research and development and production, products are overall stopper, long nozzle and submerged nozzle, silicon carbide graphite crucible, silicon carbide and nitride combined with high-end composite crucible.

General manager Mr.Liu said: "jinde companies in developed refractory materials, mastered the advanced technology and manufacturing process, in order to meet the needs of customers, we have the introduction of international advanced technology and production technology, we manufacture silicon carbide graphite crucible and carbon and nitrogen compound high-end crucible."

Lucas said: "Jinde company manufacture advanced isostatic pressing crucibleat home and abroad, developing the crucible of the quality of the products reached the international advanced level, with strong oxidation resistance, good thermal conductivity and long service life, high metal cleanliness. Gold was the introduction of the brand, to facilitate the company integrating technology, management and propaganda of resources, bigger and stronger crucible division."

According to introducing, zhucheng Jinde JinDun brand crucible products including ordinary silicon carbide graphite crucible, silicon carbide and nitride combined with high-end composite crucible. Among them, carbon and nitrogen compound crucible performance excellence in service life, thermal properties, service life is 3-5 times that of traditional crucible.

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